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Established in 1989, CILA ADVERTISERS is a Professional Outdoor Advertising firm based in Manguluru, Karnataka. Having begun modestly with about 10 hoardings of only one client, we have grown to become a leading player in the Outdoor Advertising landscape, with around 1,500 hoardings and servicing about 380 clients.

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Outdoor Advertising

While the human attention span is known to be very minimal, a Billboard situated at the right angle and at a prominent location is sure to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. All our Hoardings are strategically placed, and do justice to their advertisement


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We understand the need for an individuality of a brand. We offer exclusively customised Logo’s, Business Cards, Employee ID’s and various other options to suit your corporate requirements.


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Digital Signage

Display your content via various forms of digital signage such as LCD, LED and Projectors. Besides supporting displays that include texts, images and videos, they can be set up at both private as well as public locations.


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Creative Design

Right from conceptualization to implementation, we offer a palette of customised services that range from graphic designing to advertising, all under one roof.




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